Pastry Boutique Interior Design Ideas

modern pastry boutique interior design

Catalina Fernández, one of famous high end pastry boutique/ a family-owned bakery in San Pedro, Mexico has newest branch store designed by Anagrama. The new pastry boutique interior design really sophisticated and has traditional elements that bring the memory to its original home based bakery. This pastry boutique interior design has concept to create a kitchen fused with a warehouse.

This pastry boutique interior design consist of aged white brick walls that bring traditional elements of architecture, an old fashioned and combine with sleek chrome furnishings. The contrast elements bring the beauty of this modern pastry boutique interior design. Warehouse look-like interior feels because the presence of packages of sugar, flour and yeast, placed all over the store interior. The tall ceilings also give advantage for this pastry boutique interior design. A vertical structure with shelves above the refrigerators designed.


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