Outdoor Room Ideas: Various Inspirations of Outdoor Room Images

brick-structure outdoor-room building inspiration

How to build an outdoor room? Talking about outdoor rooms, the word “various” is key. There are various spots surrounding your house that can be perfect location to become lovely outdoor room(s), such as your front and backyard, every side of house, garden, patio, roof, terraces, and even tiny small balcony. There are also various function could be attached, such as for living, entertainment, BBQ, or just for tea party. Various elements also can be installed, such as fireplace, outdoor room divider, screen, outdoor furniture, etc. And the last, the outdoor rooms can have its own construction, so it is like your small sanctuary outside main house.

Here are pictures of outdoor rooms by design and decorating that easily become your inspiration to build DIY outdoor room:

1. Balcony outdoor room ideas

If you do not enough outdoor spaces because you live in apartment or maybe townhouse, your balcony is enough to become spot of outdoor room. Just decorate with beautiful elements. Even mini balcony can be comfortable spaces. You can decorate the balcony with plants elements, furniture, and cheerful materials, even roof structures, such as from recycled raw wood. From images below, you can steal idea of outdoor room decorating:

small outdoor room balcony spot ideas
outdoor room balcony small garden elements

Reference:The Small Garden

multifunction balcony outdoor room wood structure

2. Independent outdoor room building construction

For instant, easiest, and cheap method for create independent outdoor room, separate from main house, just by gazebo structure or pergola, or only just shades, and placed at your garden and décor it with your own taste. You can buy

instant outdoor room decorating ideas

Or if you want to built outdoor living rooms or own open-plan pavilion style, take the inspiration below. These outdoor rooms has various structure and elements, such as bricks, stones, wood, etc.

swimming side outdoor room design idea

Reference: AustinArchitect.

brick-structure outdoor-room building inspiration

Reference: www.exteriorworlds.com.

tropical outdoor living room design building

Reference: www.singerislandlifestyles.com.

stones structure outdoor living room design

Reference: www.rogersgardenslandscape.com.

cabin style outdoor room structure idea

Reference: www.paolalenti.it.

asian-style independent outdoor room inspiring design

Reference: www.outdoorspacesandrooms.com.

3. Rooftop outdoor room ideas

If you do not enough land, transform your roof top into lovely outdoor room. Below are pictures ideas:

rooftop garden outdoor room inspiration

Reference: www.blueskylandscapes.co.uk.

cozy outdoor room idea rooftop spot

Reference: Chicago-Home.

rooftop terrace outdoor room plants elements

Reference: svenskfast

minimalist rooftop outdoor room structure

Reference: mathiasklotz

balinese outdoor room style idea
gazebo outdoor room rooftop inspiration

Reference: scandinavianthai

rooftop outdoor room garden design idea

Reference: twspartners


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