Open Plan Modern House Ideas on Tight Long Aft

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Have lengthwise house to the back with tiny width, it’s really difficult to get natural light inside. It also difficult to make room divided. In this post, you’ll be inspired to build house on land which has tiny width and lengthwise to the back. Whether you have Victorian house which has layout above that have to renovate, or you build fresh house.

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This modern house has open plan concept to maximize natural light and ventilation to get fresh air, also opening residence to outside. The noises from neighboring flats and arterial traffic were ameliorated with double glazed doors and windows, whilst meeting thermal comfort objectives in its rear southern orientation. Flexibility was built into the project, incorporating a roof construction strategy to enable a future first floor addition to be built over the ground floor.

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The lightweight steel framed addition incorporates a considered glazing arrangement to provide an expansion of the space of the interior. It’s enabling physical and visual connections with the established rear garden. It improves access to ventilation and sunlight from alternative orientations, affording a dual aspect to the long steel framed highlight window for views of tree canopies and sky. A steel framed head profile wrapping around the facades provides locations for concealed internal blinds and concealed external lighting of soffits, supplying indirect light for enjoyment of the garden in the evenings.

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The result is really interesting, natural light and fresh air fulfill this house without noise. Clean and bright interior design make cozy atmosphere. Designed by Christopher Polly Architects.

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