Open Plan Dining Kitchen Room Design Remodeling Ideas

modern kitchen design interior dining contemporary into living room

For single spacious house design, the border between rooms is important. Like this kitchen design, separated from living room with simple steels structure. Looks nice, because it does not fulfill the space. It still minimalist and spacious, appropriate with modern living.

The kitchen’s principal role is as a connecting space at the centre of the ground floor and rear yard. The peninsula, adjacent to the open-plan dining/living room, serves as a domestic stage, for kitchen parties, and informal dining. A small workspace at the rear of the kitchen overlooks the garden and large windows connect the house to the outdoors visually, while a functional connection is created by a window seat adjacent to the back door and the rear deck beyond.

minimalist kitchen design interior plans
minimalist dining room design ideas steels simple structured form
modern minimalist outdoor lighting ideas
open plans kitchen interior design ideas

The design of the cabinetry favours coordination and refinement over elaborate detail. It features simple, repetitive details: flat veneered doors with clean, taped edges, slim reveals, simple aluminum angles as handles and square counter edges. The millwork is laid out with an eye to continuous lines and repeating dimensions, the rhythm of appliances and varying lines of the handles providing relief within the disciplined order of the cabinets. The materials are simple but rich: maple cabinet faces, aluminum pulls, stainless steel appliances, black granite countertops, and a glass tile backsplash. At the rear wall the countertop drops and changes to a maple desk top, then drops again to become a window seat in the same finish. This kitchen dining living room design is part of house that renovated by John Donkin Architect.


  1. mlee says

    thank you for your kitchen design and connected living room.

    very happy design and would like to sort a kitchen cooking smell in the house.

    Asian food make a more smell in the house.
    continually, considering for smell and independent space for cooking.

    anyhow, thank you so much & very enjoyed all your site for good life developing.


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