Neomodern Apartment Interior Design

neomodern apartment interior design idea

Look at this lovely minimalist apartment interior style? What your first impressions? Seems like an office interior? Or maybe stage set? Actually, this is apartment space of private residential with neomodern concept. Both new simplicity and neo-abstract style that created from materials and interior elements combination and arrangement resulted unique character and atmosphere in this neomodern apartment interior design.

With 130m2 total floor area, all of this neomodern apartment interior has glossy surface with various shades of grey materials, like steel sheets, concrete panels, also mirror. The space arrangement separate public area and private area. But there is interesting idea about the layout, there is gray area in public space that can be transformed into both public and private space. A box volume placed in the middle public/living area in this neomodern apartment interior. The box volume contains hidden storage room, utility, and cloakroom. At outer side of the box, there is kitchenette. Innovative vertical plexiglass panels become border between box volume and living area. The vertical plexiglass panels act like a curtain. At certain angle, the vertical plexiglass panels make the kitchen open to living interior, and at other angles closed. From this layout, an abstract and unique atmosphere of interior created.

The lighting networks hidden behind suspended ceiling also add the abstract and ambiguities. The illumination that reflected on glossy surfaces and other interior elements create stunning illumination. Other function hidden perfectly, such as built-in storage, bathtub that hidden in mirror walls in the bedroom, etc. So this neomodern apartment interior design look neat and simple. Designed by Sadar+Vuga Architects.


  1. Noel says

    It certainly has that futuristic feel to it but personally I find it a bit too cold, it needs some colour and warmth. It is stunning though!


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