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Inspire your interior design by looking at this home. Interior home design in natural modern style is good choice to presenting cozy sphere so can make peaceful heart when at home. For example, let take a look this house architectural. This house have 350 m2 wide, consist of two floor plus semi basement. Living area and two bedrooms for children at first floor and main bedroom in second floor. When enter in the dwelling, we will meet living room which have two floor plafond, so it really feel wide. This room connected with stairs area which accompanies us to main room.

modern bedroom interior luxury design

Main room consists of family room, dining room, and pantry at first floor, designed one without wall so give wide and comfortable impression. Wall. floor, and plafond tends to smooth, dominated with natural monochromatic color and uppermost of material characteristic, like brown wood and cream marble. Ordered arrangement dominated the whole interior which assured with geometrical shape composition at furniture and decorative elements. To assured each of area of activities, and easily view oriented from inside of the room, texture, color, and motif in contrast applied at corner or certain furniture.

modern dining room design ideas

For example, decorative wooden panel and TV rack without foot become focus in family room, while partition with stairs area is transparence, consit of nonstructural column lines and troops. For dining room, travertine marbles exist as wall layer and background. Chair and accessories is mirror with leather frame in simple design and prominent geometrical cubicle so gave light image and clean look. Dining table is square for six chairs. Same shape applied at dropped down ceiling with indirect lighting which gave flying impression.

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At pantry, room appearance dominated with kitchen set and island table from wood with dark brown finishing so make a warm and cozy atmosphere architectural. Go to second floor, there is cute sitting room and balcony which become transition area to go to main bedroom. Main bedroom have walk-in wardrobe and main bathroom. Floor bedroom is parquet combined with carpet, so feel tender and comfortable. This room also has wide window to make maximal view and make natural lighting and fresh air come in the room.

ultra modern living space luxury ambience

To fulfill this wide room, interior designer design it with eye catcher element at certain corner. For example, head part of bed decorated with wooden panel and rack lightened with indirect lightning so the rack seems flame. Beside the bed, there is sofa, coffee table, and TV table decorate with abstract painting on contrast color. Soft furnishing consists of bedcover, decorating pillow, and wrapping sofa cloth make this room feel alive.

living space dining room modern architecture

bedroom design ideas modern lines stylish decor

Interior designer : Alexander Hudianto W. Dan Andri Asmara from Damar Mastercraft.


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