Multiple Levels Steeply Sloped House Design

This contemporary house designed in multiple levels structure, take advantage of its steeply sloped land. Inside, woods and natural stones finishes create warm interior design. At outside, there is small terrace with small attractive garden under uppermost levels of this fascinating slope house. At upper most levels, the master bedroom and main living spaces located for best views capturing. The main entrance, laundry room, exercise space, and low traffic areas are situated on the north side of the residence, providing noise separation from the distant highway, as well as privacy from neighbors. Recreational space consists of a large terrace off the main living room on the upper level, which cascades down to a fenced ornamental garden. Two garages, one attached at the lowest level, and the other detached further down the site, provide ample parking and storage space. Designed by Jensen / Ptaszynski Architects.

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