Monolithic Structure Aesthetic Vision Deconstructed Ordering House Design

This modern house has vernacular style-look; monolithic structure with gabled roof, but with its level layout, brings fresh appearance, diverse architectural elements serves visually differentiate with cubism texture of wall and windows, glass extension, entrance area, create aesthetic vision both exterior and interior and bring innovative aspect from every perspective. This three storey house built with deconstructed ordering principles and low-energy construction methods. The second floor, a loft-like space consists of a free-standing kitchen counter, dining, and library are organized as an open unit around a central stairwell. Lovely touches for the interior design are colorful wall surfaces and LED lighting strip running along the ceiling. This programmable LED illumination present different colors light, to reflect the mood. Colorful wall offer a vibrant contrast to the white color. The floor is covered in anthracite, mineral coating. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group Architects.

monolithic structure modern house deconstructed ordering principles

rhythm structure house surprising perspective vernacular style

low-energy construction methods three-storey house sustainable architecture

cubism texture aesthetic vision house unify elements

visually differentiate asymmetrical modern house exterior

alignment individual structural elements entrace house area

terrace similar-looking cement surface transforming living outdoors

free-standing kitchen counter dining organizing interior

programmable LED illumination interior mood reflection house

communicative modern kitchen design clean lines interior

living interior organizing open unit central stairwell

whiteness open kitchen interior aesthetic interior design

contrast colorful decor vibrant white interior wall

glass extension opening expandable city views interior

dining living fireplace border interior house perspective

heated window open romantic living interior

three elongated cylindrical lamps interior decorating

vibrant contrast colorful wall interior interactive design

anthracite mineral coating sustainable floors materials house

skylight window roof children corner play interior

expandable roof top corner house interior

workspace clean modern first floor house interior

top level children bedrooms play room interior


  1. janis graholskis says

    Dear Sir or Madam. I’m interested what manufacturer windows are used in this project (for example roof corner window)?

    Best regards,
    Janis Graholskis

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