Modest yet Charming Small Summer House Interior

small summer house outdoor kitchen design idea

Are you looking for idea of small summer house? This modest yet charming old small house with wooden structure maybe becomes perfect inspiration. This small house for summer has two gable roof structures. This beautiful small house situated around the forest which styled with unique interior is perfect for summer season. Although the exterior painted in black, this small summer house interior has whiteness concept. Along with modest/classic furniture and simple interior elements, this small summer house interior look cozy and has comfortable atmosphere.

This small summer house interior plan divide the floor plan into public and private area Aligned with its two gabled roof structure. The public areas consist of living zone and dining zone with no border. The living-dining area has open-plan interior concept. It has long horizontal windows surround the space. The take away interior idea is the niche board along the windows that could be place to put something as a place to put something, such as pots and its flowers, books, or other interior elements, home decorating products, home accessories, etc. The board elements really useful because the space limit of this small summer house interior. Another board elements for storage placed on doors entrance.

Due the space limit, the kitchen built at outside of main house structure. And the outdoor kitchen becomes uniqueness of this small summer house. The outdoor kitchen direct connect with outdoor dining area and lovely garden landscape. Private zone in this small summer house interior consist of bedrooms and bathroom. Styling by Katrine Martensen-Larsen (KMLdesign).

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