Modest Stone Cladding House with Symbolic Details

modest stone cladding house modern efficient buildingwork

Modest style modern stone cladding house with for Catholic priest. This modest stone cladding house intended as relaxing living spaces after a day of work. The tight budget did not obstruct the architect Sebastian Nagy to create piece of living spaces with unique architecture and detailed symbolic elements that bring positive energy to dweller and surrounding parish garden.

sculptural monument modest stone cladding house architecture
symbolic cross frontage modest stone cladding house
modest stone cladding house limited budget construction
modest stone cladding house innovative architecture design
atrium-like garden modest stone cladding house

From the outside, stone cladding house exterior bring a sculptural imagery, a stone wall that enliven the surrounding area. Other symbolic details such as a floating cross frame. It placed above frontage door of this stone cladding house, support transparent small glass shelter. There is atrium-like garden at side open-plan living area. The outdoor garden is surrounding by stone wall as an extension of the house. The slightly descending walls construction lead to a point to the church tower; a symbolic and smart visual connection created. A surprising design of this stone cladding house is the interior design. The interior design is really modern, bright, and illuminated. The whiteness interior style with white walls and light stone flooring bring fresh atmosphere. Designed by architect Sebastian Nagy.

bright whiteness interior modern stone cladding house
symbolic architecture slightly descending walls construction
modern interior stone house enliven atmosphere
stone cladding house-plan design idea


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