Modest Modern Stone House Native Plants Landscape

This modern stone house designed as sensitively five-acre wooded lot sited. So, it not whole stoned, the timber woods used as structure and as interior design materials. The stone walls that extend through the house into the landscape is organizing the house in axis along with specimen trees.

modest modern stone house swimming pool design

modern stone house design ideas swimming pool features

modern stone front house design ideas

nature plants modern landscape design ideas

jogging trails tracking design ideas modern house features

modern front house wooded stones house design

This single family residence accommodated with swimming pool, native plant areas and walking/jogging trails. This modern house built with ecological responsibility, with using natural materials resources. Low-VOC materials, a radiant in-floor heating system operating on geothermal energy, sustainability harvested woods, and passive solar strategies, all contribute to a healthy, comfortable environment, indoor and out. Daylighting strategies and abundant glazing provide access to views, extending the landscape into the house.

schematic house design modern stone style architectural

modern stone house interior design ideas

modern open plan house interior design ideas

modern glass wall interior design ideas

modest modern stone house design ideas

The result is interesting schematic home design with great construction administration, so it nice to be viewed and look clean and structured. And the important of structured house is, it feel spacious, the house feel unify with the surrounding nature. Like we never in house, but we are in the nature. Landscape Architect: Nelson Byrd Woltz. Architect: William McDonough + Partners.


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