Modernize Interior Old House Addition Area Better Visual Connection Design

This old house modernizes to create better visual connection, especially for kitchen and second floor bathroom. The visual connection focused to backyard, new deck addition, and children’s play area. Rough simple stucco-clad house wall exterior combine with wooden slabs décor, create distinctly modern aesthetic; intimate mimic united with simple garage and shed with woods slabs materials structure, and minimalist shading porch façade design. For the kitchen and dining area, whiteness character interior with cheerful palette textures applied. Clean lines storage in minimalist style with wooden application creates great combination furnishing. Light blue wall paintings with lighting placement add warm touch to the interior. In the bathroom, white glossy bathroom appliances combine with small blue tiles as wall décor at shower and bathtub, also some parts of bathrooms space like wash basin. Designed by Davison Architecture.

modernize kitchen interior better visual connection backyard

spacious bright kitchen modern interior renovation house

kitchen dining whiteness stylish light blue texture

clean minimalist sense wooden storage kitchen appliances

light blue lighting smart arrangement stylish interior

minimalist wooden porch rough stucco-clad house exterior

garage shed simple woods slabs outdoor living

small blue tiles wall bathtub shower interior

glossy whiteness bathroom appliances interior modernize design


  1. fun says

    Wow, These are decorated so well. Are you guys operate in US also coz i never heard about you here

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