Modernist House Conversion Pitched Roof Extension Design

This conversion project take the house to modern sense and create open space on previous pitched roof to enjoy landscape beyond. At the roof top building, an extension spaces consist of one bedroom, a bathroom and a living room with panoramic terrace built. Roof outdoor terrace with wood decking has spacious space, enough for enjoy the surrounding area and held a private party. The interior also redesigned become brighter and lovely in modern style architecture. The takeaway idea is the staircase that equipped with numerous pockets and display cases create with wood touch, really functionable and save interior space. The modern kitchen and dining designed in compact way. With red lines of furniture and green plants décor, this modern kitchen and dining interior really interesting. At the backyard, minimalist garden combine with outdoor relaxing area and swimmingpool. Designed by Wienzeile Architects.

modern panoramic roof terrace house conversion design

open structure attic living room extension house

backyard minimalist garden pool elemental house design

modernist house conversion pitched-roof extension architecture

simple modern rooftop living spacious design house

attic bathroom modern interior extension house

wooden staircase cladding interior connection area

innovative staircase wooden numerous pockets furniture design

display cases takeaway staircase design inteiror house

simple staircase fully equipped interior architecture element

modernize kitchen dining compact interior house design


  1. cats says

    Wow, This is really superb piece of work.I wish my house to be designed in same way

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