Modern Tropical House Attractive Front Living Space

Covering with high stones walls at front as a fence, walking through it, we see swimming pool with attractive front living spaces. The living space, I think generally got design ideas from colonial style house which also have living space in front of the house. But this house design simplified, only took the basic idea of tropical colonial style.

tropical house design ideas provacy walls

terrace living space pool tropical open design ideas

tropical terrace swimming pool house design ideas

terrace house modern tropical living space design ideas

tropical living room terrace modern house design ideas

And this design really makes our design orientation changed. Front of house or terrace proved that it can be relaxing space without worry about our privacy. The terrace is really design in simply way. In the backyard, more contemplative space built. A fish pond with wall lighting that express deepness atmosphere.

warm tropical interior design ideas earth color

living space tropical architectural concept interior design

fish pond meditative backyard garden tropical design

modern tropical house interior design styles

small wooden garden spaces tropical architectural concept

Inside, the interior designed in wooden accent and earth town. The result, we feel luxury, elegant, but also modern atmosphere. With open concept architectural, natural light décor this house. Designed by Hugo Hamity Architects.


  1. carlo serrano says

    A very impressive and inspiring concept design on a tropical weathered location….
    Love your work.

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