Modern Spacious House that Designed as a Juxtaposition of Two Volumes

T-shaped floor-plan modern spacious house design

Home with cozy spaces and can accommodate modern way of living is every one’s dream, as well as this modern spacious house. With 400 m2 area, this contemporary house built from two volumes building designed as juxtaposition and create T-shaped floor plans. Almost every side of this house has own outdoor terrace and balcony. Not only that, an indoor pool installed in first floor for relaxation area.

The two volume connected each other with wooden bridge. The area surrounding the bridge act as an atrium for natural light. Small building interior consist of two cars garage at the ground floor and children beds and area at first floor. Main building consist of spacious living area interior, and kitchen-dining with minimalist and whiteness interior design. While first floor contain main private area and indoor pool. This modern spacious house designed by DAR612.

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