Modern Small Loft Interior Remodeling Design

spacious open interior small loft design

Small and dingy of a 48 m2 loft apartment renovated and remodeled into open and cheerful loft. Previous floor plan and interior design of this modern small loft is really sad. The owner, Lukáš Kordík, the architect of Gut Gut firm was remodeling this mini loft into cozy and spacious space.

The previous yellow painted peeled, so bricks walls revealed. The ceiling also peeled, expose undulating concrete vaults. The bricks walls polished with white paint and ceiling of undulating concrete vaults keep in raw. Those two elements become unique interior detailing elements of this modern small loft. Floor plan rearranged. Some walls removed and open, created large single area. Now, the living and relaxing room unify with the bedroom and has more windows, so the miniloft interior feel more bright. The kitchen has new boxy geometry of a modified Ikea cabinet system sets the aesthetic tone with turquoise color. Existing wall separated the relaxing room and kitchen-dining, but now the relationship is more open, large opening remodeling create between existing walls. The furniture made and placed carefully to create spacious space in this modern small loft interior. The supported system of dwelling also renovated, such as the electrical, pipes, sewage, and heating. Designed by GutGut Architects.


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