Modern Single Family Home Reinforced Concrete Slabs Construction

night illumination outdoor house landscape design

Two-story modern single family home design with simple concept, a purist theme applied both inside and outside of this house volume. Rectangular volume of this modern house design made from reinforced concrete slabs, thick limestone walls, and full thermal protection. The rectangular house roof made flat and has high gradient insulation. Not fully open, but this single family home has intuitive large glass windows and doors organization. The glass materials organization creates lovely interior experience. The outdoor contemplative landscape reflected in this single family home interior.

This single family home has two outdoor recreation areas. Both outdoor areas become extended space of the limited living space. First is outdoor terrace at rear of this modern rectangular house. The terrace completed with small pool. The pool installed with various color of light that enliven the night with this single family house. Colors of illumination can be changed depending on mood. Second outdoor zone is covered patio. The covered patio has built-in fireplace. The patio of this modern concrete house can be added with outdoor furniture for occasionally for certain purpose; such as garden party. So both at day and night, this single family home really become comfort zone for dweller.

The interior of this single family home also designed in simple but comfortable. The first floor becomes living-dining-kitchen area. Second floor is floor private area such as bedroom and bathroom. Certain interior elements keep in raw, such as the stairs and waxed concrete floor. Designed by Thomas Bechtold architekten (bau-werk-stadt).


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