Modern Separate Residence House Small Style

Formed in geometry architectural, this minimalist small house style built on small site and irregular shape, a hard challenge for architects. Not only that, owner want to make this house become living spaces for two family, the elders and their daughter’s family.

modern minimalist small house style japanese contemporary

modern geometrical small house dark outdoors layout

Build two independent buildings were not the answer, so architect designed single building with three portions irregularly shaped. The younger family is allotted to the biggest portion of three stories to the very west. The elder family is to other two portions of two stories. Architects designed the dividing wall between these family tilted from the younger family realm onto the elder one.

geometrical small house design ideas separate architectural

clean white minimalist geometry irregular interior design

modern three story house design clean interior design

In the younger family dwelling, the double height space for living makes one feel open upwards with the outwardly tilted wall. Behind the specific wall, the middle portion of elder family realm, the smallest in area, contains a bedroom on the ground floor and a tatami-mat room on the first floor. Architects intended to make the tatami-mat room, in particular, a kind of micro-cosmic place with dim, calm, and a feeling of compression by the inwardly titled wall. This house is very inspiring for multi family spaces. For the son or daughter, they still able to take care their parents without lose their own privacy. And isn’t nice living and help our parents at the rest? The architect of this house is Satoshi Okada Architect.

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