Modern Personal Aquarium Tank for Interior Elements

crystal clear acrylic personal aquarium tank interior accessories

Bring personal aquarium tank inside your house. It will be great interior elements, because it’s so relaxing. The sound of water, colorful aquarium fishes, and plants decoration will be create good mood. Try this unique personal aquarium tank: biOrb Life aquarium. The portrait-shape design really suitable for modern interior design. Beside of that, this innovative aquarium tank has modern technology feature.

advanced filtration system personal aquarium tank
Intelligent LED Light personal aquarium tank system
biOrb-Life personal aquarium tank home appliance
modern personal aquarium tank interior elements
modern personal aquarium tank portrait style shape

Made from a crystal clear acrylic front and back and are finished with seamless gloss colored acrylic wrap. This modern personal aquarium tank has intelligent LED light. The LED light provides an automatic 24 hour lighting cycle, including a natural gradual sunrise, sunset and blue moonlight. Aquarium sophisticated lighting system provides a healthier environment for the fish and fascinating night-time viewing for the owner. Another awesome feature is advanced filtration system keeping the water cleaner and clearer for longer, providing a healthy habitat for fish. This modern personal aquarium tank available three sizes a 30 liter square style and a 45 and 60 liter portrait style. Manufactured by Reef-One.

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