Modern Penthouse Apartment Interior with Leisure Features and Informal-formal Concept

modern penthouse apartment interior design idea

What will you do if you have best loft property in the middle of the city like Vienna? If you still are too happy and maybe have too many ideas yet undecided, Archinspire.Com will give you an inspiring idea that balance the need, want, and requirement. Just look at this modern penthouse apartment. The atmosphere is really suitable for both formal occasion and totally private lessons; casual, individual, informal living space. And this modern penthouse apartment interior has full of leisure features. Living in this customized penthouse is like living in treasure area in the city itself. It’s like you have own sanctuary in the middle of busy city.

Large living room in this modern penthouse apartment has two zone areas for formal and informal occasion, distinguished by furniture choices. At the center of zone, there is huge screen that can be roll. So at night the living area become private home theater zone. At side of open-plan living room, there is spacious terrace that has elements to harmonize all zones of this modern penthouse apartment interior. Another leisure features are home fitness area and spa wellness. Designed by jungerbeer architecture.


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