Modern Japanese Style Unique House Design Ideas

This modern house is not only formed in Japanese style architecture. But, inside of it, the house is a display for an extensive collection of Japanese pottery and folk art. This modern house surrounded by garden, in Japanese style too, featuring waterfall. Not only that, pond, Japanese entry gatehouse, and bridge which make this house full of Japanese culture of architecture. With wide big wood column and living spaces, the collection arranged in smart way, so it not crowded. Also not like just interior accent. With open space to garden, a relaxing time is perfect in this space. Designed by hoshide Williams architects.

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  1. says

    I think that traditional Japanese architecture style, creative interior designs and exterior designs are bring the authentic atmosphere of simplicity, tranquility, style and grace in design into the modern age while maintaining the traditional architectural concepts of Sukiya.

  2. novel says

    it looks so serenity, inside/outside and the shots are framed beautifully too. would that be expensive to build wouldn’t it?
    the design and photographs pleasing the eyes,i love it. thanks!

  3. Bahareh says

    I really love Japanese style. ” LESS IS MORE”. It is the base of
    japanese style.It is such a relaxing place.You can find much peace there in Japanese homes.I do admire this type of style.


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