Modern Indoor Sports Stadium and Recreational Center

What kind of building shapes that suit to be built in natural recreational center? Of course powerful building that can accommodate the need and suitable nature, also bring new architecture perspective. AJ+C answered that question with this newly multipurpose recreation hall including as indoor sports stadium. This modern public facility building built in robust construction, shaped fit with surrounding nature with its sustainable features, and of course, convenient to use for various activities.

modern indoor sports stadium recreational center design

This modern indoor sports stadium designed in thermodynamic concept. The thermodynamic concept resulted a building that not only has amazing exterior and interior, but has perfect air circulation. There is good ventilation system. The wind turbines on the roof and continuous floor mounted ducts installed. So this building naturally heats itself in winter and cools itself in summer. Not only that other sustainable concept also applied, rain water collecting. The rain water from the roof channeled into rocks garden for natural filtering and channeled into water tanks for future use.

The shape of this modern indoor stadium mimics a wings shape. The building has curving lightweight canopy seemingly floats. The interior design is simple but looks strong and beautiful. The interesting design is openness side wall that allow the children to see beautiful panorama. Indeed, the design of this modern indoor sports stadium is to create cozy atmosphere and attract the teens and children who use this building to have fun with a passion. AJC

Architect: Allen Jack+Cottier (AJ+C).

Photographer: Nic Bailey.

Client: NSW Department of Sport & Recreation

Location: Hawkesbury River, Milson Island, New South Wales, Australia

here video information from the architects:

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