Modern Housing Apartments Unique Building Shape Design

Somehow, strict building regulations become an advantage for the architects. With the restrictions, the architects instead achieved new perspective and architectural form that never imagined before. Lot of architectural works with strict regulation had been covered in Archinspire.Com, like the future house design, double plan house design, etc.

Alpine Ski Apartments local architecure tradition impression

Local strict building regulations also become a distinct advantage for OFIS, who built this alpine ski apartment. These modern housing apartments have unique building shape design. Begin from the cube-shape that cutout, the unusual geometrical building form created. Horizontal cut, create a gable roof to hide service ventilation pipes and chimneys from flat-roof. Vertical cut at angled corner, give opportunity to insert wooden balconies. Overall, the cutout structure produce dazzling apparition.

This housing apartments building has reinforced concrete and steel structure. The materials used also have local architecture tradition. The local architecture impression can be seen at ground floor exterior that use natural stones for cladding, larch woods for balconies, cement tile cladding that give impression of tiled roof, etc.

This building has three floor level and basement. The basement use as sauna, leisure room. The ground floor or first floor level use as pharmacy shop and public area. Second and third floor level area for six(6) studio apartments. Uniquely, the size of apartments can be converted into bigger unit. OFIS arhitekti.


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