Modern House Renovation Diversities Character Design Concept

This modern house renovation was detached Federation house built in 1901, renovated with creative exterior and interior creation. The result is modern house with two diversities character design at front and back of the house. This modern house renovation include create new structure fir rear volume building and complete new floor level so there area new spatial levels created. The frontage exterior of this modern house renovation restored, bring vintage style of federation house come alive again. Certain interior design style like the fireplace of living area interior also retained its authenticity. For the rear volume of this modern house renovation, new modern structure style contrast with the front house volume. This new modern rear volume designed in open plans construction to capture the forest park landscape beyond. From the rear view, at first floor level an outdoor terrace become connection between simple modern outdoor swimming pool and house volume that consist of transparent bathroom, modern simple bedroom, and staircase area. The new rear balcony above it created in creative way. The new modern rear balcony has open plan area with wood deck and functioned as dining area, completed with BBQ equipment. This modern rear balcony has direct connected with stylish kitchen interior area. The interior design of this modern house renovation has basic white with colorful furnishing and decoration, including the living room and kitchen, also bedrooms, create lively atmosphere. Certain orange walls contrasting effect of interior. The transparent bedroom interior has marbles cladding. Outdoor shower area at swimming pool also added. Designed by Stanic Harding Architects. Builder: yuncken construction group. structural engineer: partridge partners joiner civardi furniture. landscape architect: spirit level designs. Photography: steve back.

modern house renovation photos gallery:

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