Modern House Renovation Design with Series of Concave Concept

modern house renovation series-of-concave architecture concept

Cool modern house renovation that bring new both exterior and interior remodeling. The exterior of this modern house renovation completely has new appearance, as well as the interior design. Both exterior and interior use timber as main architectural element. The fascinating thing about this modern coastal house is series of concave concept idea that bring new architectural perspective.

modern coastal house outdoor patio design idea
modern two-story house timber wall cladding exterior
modern house remodeling outdoor hottub design idea

The exterior of this modern two-story house has series of concave as part of subtractive architecture method. At the ground floor, the concaves become alcoves. Each alcove has own function, but mainly as terrace and entrance area. At the side of this contemporary beach house, one alcove that incorporated with patio outdoor terrace becomes space for hammock. Interesting idea, isn’t it? You can relax on your hammock outdoor with shelter. At first level, the concaves become series of balconies. Each of concave both ground and first level installed with timber wall cladding, arrange with diagonal slats pattern. Contrasted with white exterior colors, the timber wall claddings at every concave bring lively exterior design.

modern beach house refurbishment outdoor landscape design
modern house exterior alcove hammock inspiration

Inside this modern home, series of custom built wood furniture and architectural elements installed. While the wooden floor has diagonal lines pattern that same as wood wall cladding exterior, the custom built wood furniture and interior elements décor such as partitions has natural tone wood colors. Same as exterior, the natural tone wood colors contrast with blank whiteness interior design.

storage in staircase custombuilt furniture design idea
wooden element workspace interior modern design
custom-built wood partition interior house design

Another interesting design for your inspiration of this modern house renovation is its garden landscape. The garden landscape has outdoor patio between main house, and tiny building for multifunction purpose. At side of outdoor patio, inground swimming pool and hot tub constructed. Between the hot tub and swimming pool, concrete bridge with wooden deck pathway applied to create distinct area. Surround the house, garden boxes beds installed. The , garden boxes beds has wild shrubbery plants along with sands surface cover. The landscape bring beachfront panorama alive in this home. Architects: Ernesto Pereira.

modern house remodeling series-of-balconies exterior design

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