Modern House on Spilt Levels Topography

In hard topography site, full of spilt levels, this modern concrete house built. It was a challenge but also give design inspiring that made this house very attractive as its function. Such as, interlocking rooms step over the rocky site providing a variety of views to sea. This topography location more extreme then previous contouring mountain house in here.

The form of the house responds to the character of the site, the most distinctive and challenging aspect being the faceted concrete roof inspired by the granite rock formation around it. From the outside it reads like another outcrop. Approached from above the chamfered concrete roof is exposed on the outside where it sparkles in the sunlight. To the inside it forms an angled, tent-like ceiling, the reflective mica of the granite aggregate reflecting light throughout the day and giving a soft glow to the flowing spaces.

The kitchen and living room walls are fully glazed with heavy timber frames along their Southern and Eastern edges. The concrete ceiling appears light on these sides, anchored by an exposed in situ concrete chimney and resting on lines of slender steel columns, its tilted planes emphasize the horizontal line of the distant sea horizon. The roof floats clear of the internal walls of the house with a series of glazed clerestories allowing daylight and views to penetrate the depth of the house.

A close working relationship with the builders allowed the precise detail of the concrete construction to be controlled and the complex shuttering patterns were worked through a series of cardboard models, kept in the site office during that phase of the work. Designed by O’Donnel+Tuomey Architects.

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