Modern House India Traditional Courtyard Style Concept

This modern house formed with traditional India architecture style, a sandstones courtyard to define the spatial space and has closed outer shell and hollow insides construction ideas. From inside of the house, deep freshness air and peaceful atmosphere expressed by plants. Along the selective openings long windows, surround land outside of the house planted by bamboo and the courtyard, there are frangipani trees. Irregular site lines act to generate a skewed wood form finished concrete box that encloses the house and provides a vision, climate and noise buffer. For the house space plans, there are formal living-dining space, Burma-teak-clad bedrooms and corner kitchen, travertine-clad formal living. The kitchen placed on corner. There are also pavilions, outdoor veranda, water-filled all-concrete subterranean Jacuzzi. Designed by Matharoo Associates.

unusual courtyard traditional india architecture house style

formal living room open courtyard house design

water-filled all-concrete subterranean jacuzzi basement house design3

raw concrete woods-wall deatailing kitchen interior design

hollow space window house plans modern design

realaxing living study-room traditional interior style

modern sandstones courtyard house landscaping ideas

large veranda house outdoors house design

entrance house passed induced water feature ideas

formal living dining space house design


  1. Shashank Ambekar says

    where can I get white stone for construction of compound wall only for cladding of 1′,9”,6” length and width with 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”
    thickness. If you have send us your quote for approx. 10,000 Sq. Ft. of work.


    Shashank Ambekar


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