Modern House Design with Two Courtyards Sustainable Function

modern house design small volume unique building

Modern small house built on previous Asian rice (Oryza sativa) field of countryside. This modern house design has interesting concept that coexist with and nurture the scenery around the house. After consider the plot position, wind direction, etc, resulted unique house volume building that has sustainable design. This small house has two courtyards sustainable function and two-story floors plan.

First courtyard is the center courtyard functioned as solarium surrounded by transparent glass walls and roof at the middle area. This center courtyard create unique look for this Japanese modern house. From outside, the house volume seems separate into two volume building. There are movable joists and tent installed in this center courtyard or inner garden. The movable joists and tent has function to control the sunlight during summer. During the winter season, this center courtyard has function to produce warmth from the sunlight and spread it inside this modern house design. The garden in this courtyard has simple design: consist of plants, gravel, and pathway with modest order. There is also circular staircase installed in the middle of courtyard to gain access to upstairs house volume.

Second courtyard in west side of the house volume surrounded by outer garden. This west courtyard bring indirect sunlight to the interior that can not be reached by center courtyard. Others interior open to the center solarium courtyard by transparent sliding doors. The room interior has minimalist design style with clean-lines and simple details. This modern house design has wooden structure with 122.58 sqm total floor area. Architect: Hayato Komatsu. Photo by Toshiyuki Yano.


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