Modern House Design Volumes Interplay Structure

modern house design rectangular interplay structure

Two-story modern house design built in unique architecture concept. The rectangular volumes interact each other; bring the new perspective of inside and outside space of living. Different lighting situations installed bring three-dimensional of this volumes interplay structure.

This modern house design has unique volume structure. Ground floor consists of two volume building, separate with center courtyard. One for garage and office, and two-story volume for living. Upstair, there are also two volume space with center courtyard. The unique volume layout given a variety of horizontal and vertical thoroughfares. The courtyards give interaction between inside and outside, nature and the constructed, security and freedom. The architectural décor elements in the exterior in raw look give distinct border. This modern house design built with low-energy building method. Glasses steel frame walls and the courtyards give natural light for the house. Living area: 150m2 + 45m2 Office. Designed by jungerbeer architecture. Photos: Dietmar Tollerian.

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