Modern House Design Stylish Superposition Structure Idea

open-plan backyard modern house design idea

Act like normal single family house, this modern house design appearance really delightful. Inside of the house is also stunning. A superposition of multiple horizontal and vertical relationships structure give unique exterior design and create spaciousness interior design. This modern family dwelling has two garages, placed at right and left of main house. A basement, ground floor for daily activities, and upstairs for private spaces built with nicely strategy to create the house become stylish yet offer relaxing space and retreat atmosphere.

At frontage closed volume strategy applied. Only two hemispheres create visual connection between inside and outside the house. The unique windows, hemispheres shape made from acrylic glass completed with transparent bubble chairs become an artistic elements. At rear, openness concept applied. Simple garden backyard and swimming pool synergize with country side panorama.

The ground floor has glazing frame structure; make the upstairs concrete volume like hanging over. The stylish interior design of this modern house design for single family full of woods decorating elements and ornaments, contrast with the whiteness base. Ohnmacht Flamm. Photo by Henning Koepke.

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