Modern House Design Simple Cubism Style Construction

oasis-like modern house outdoor courtyard design

This modern house design designed in simple construction and detailing elements, box-like volume and has spacious interior space with central void/double height ceiling. This modern two-story single family house has simple and modernist in style, designed according to the architectural brief of the client: place to live, work, display and art and books collection.

In order to accentuate the collections, the detail interior elements created in simplest. The architect, play the rectangular blocks as part of the construction, both exterior and interior, simple cubism style. The illumination placed carefully I the interior to accentuate the collections. At the backyard, an outdoor oasis and separate building volume as relaxing room created. The simple beautiful outdoor oasis consists of courtyard garden with swimming pool. The main building volume opens to this oasis garden courtyard. Full glass walls separate the dining-kitchen interior from outside courtyard. This modern house design is creation of Marsh Cashman Koolloos (MCK Architects). Landscape by Barbara Schaeffer Design & Liz Callaghan Design. Photo by Willem Rethmeier.

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