Modern House Design on Narrow Space

Don’t worry if you have to build house, but only have narrow space land. Just look at this home design ideas. With only 8.50m by 3.00m, its enough for making a living space with all the parameters of good living satisfied. And the nice is natural lightening exist, so this house design very well healthy.

minimalist small house design ideas on narrow space

This minimalist modern house has three part, those are public space, semi public space, and private space. In such a space the plan is complicated but clear. The separation of public and semi public space is developed by placing the main entrance of the house at +3.00 m. A small but fair enough staircase that leads there starting the trip to the building. A corridor is created by the trail of the light source traveling in to building connecting the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. A change of elevation leads us through a light spine, to the bedroom. The exits of the bedroom are directed to an external patio. Designed by ARCT2 architects

So, get inspiration how to create house on narrow or maybe tight space?

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