Modern House Design Local Construction Technique Architecture

transparent house design local construction technique

Modest look, transparent, but with local construction technique and materials, this modern house design look stunning. Built on 18 acres site of reforestation project this modern house built in four blocks volume, linked each others with connecting area. The transparent structure captures landscape beyond perfectly. The local construction technique helps to preserving the site.

Why the house building has to divide into four linked volume? This modern house built to become adaptable with dweller. The space used can be adjust depend on number of occupants. This house can be easily grown in the future to house more people.

This modest look house built with brick and stones materials. Prefabricated wooden as a frame created amazing dialogue between local and technologically materials. The house building built on highest spot of sloping terrain, so dweller can enjoy the great landscape view. The main pavilion at center has large porch, that become outdoor spot to enjoy the vista. Below the four blocks volume is outdoor swimming pool with game room at side of pool. This modern house design with local architecture technique and materials designed by Base3 Arquitetos.

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