Modern House Design Cubic Massing Character Interactive Site Plan

This modern house design has interesting architectural design concept. The exterior of this modern house design building has cubic massing structure. The cubic forms well proportioned each others, depend on the interior area scale and have contrasting cladding elements décor, but feel harmonious each others. The exterior decors elements consist of clear cedar, stone, aluminum, colored stucco, glass railings, and slate and painted wood. This modern house design consist three floors, one floors below the grade, consist of bedroom and home office workspace. Although placed below the grade, the floors still bright because of large sunken courts at the backyard that deliver generous natural light. The large sunken courts of this modern house design surrounded by stepped terrace. This outdoor stepped terrace direct connect woth second floor and connected with third floor by stair. The stepped terrace of this modern house design also become connection area to the below grade floors and stepped garden. Both interior and exterior structure has spatial level scale, and connected each others. So, both outdoor and inside house interactive established an interaction of whole house site plan. The interior of this modern house designed with contrasting materials too, but keep in harmonious and created a cozy atmosphere. Designed by Mark Brand Architecture.

modern house design cubic forms photos gallery

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