Modern House Design Communal Function Space Idea

modern house design communal function architecture

This modern house built on Canada lakeshore site intended as family gathering residence in the future. Because of that, the spatial system designed to create open spaces as communal functions and primary living. This modern house designed with two-story building structure. The ground floor volume intended as communal space, and upstairs as private space.

This modern house design constructed with pigmented concrete with exposed aggregate, and Western Red Cedar as wooden exterior cladding. The open glass walls installed with aluminum frame structure.

The construction base of this modern house design formed as rectangular volume. At the ground floor, there are three rectangular volumes addition, serves as sauna room and bathroom, walk-in closet and entrance, and screened-deck area. Upstairs rectangular volume contains twp guest rooms and bathrooms, study room and child rooms. The large and spacious ground floor interior rectangular shape of this modern cottage contains living room, kitchen, and dining room. There is also master bedroom suite in ground floor.

There is also a garage. The garage of this modern lake residence placed at side of the house. The garage defined with two exterior storage and house wall, also continuous roof of main house and upstairs house structure. There is also small separate volume serve as outdoor shower and storage. Overall, this modern house design really beautiful and blend with surrounding natural environment with its red wood exterior. The features and spatial system support the cottage house become family gathering residence. Architects: Kariouk Associates. Built-up area: 3,570 sf. Photography:Photolux Studios (Christian Lalonde).


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