Modern House Design beneath Artificial Hill Construction

open-plan exterior modern woodland house

What take away idea from this modern house design? Well, both exterior and interior of this innovative house is really inspiring. This woodland house has underground construction and so much unique detail of interior elements. Not only about the construction design, this modern house design completed with sustainable features to support cozy and comfortable living spaces.

This creative house design built beneath manmade/artificial hill. From outside, this modern house look like underground house. The concrete shell needed to retain the mass of the mountain and also to create thermal mass sustainable design besides keeping the ecological footprint with the house to a minimum. The thermal mass construction keeps the house warmth and cool during the season. The house emerges from the artificial hill and has open-plan structure with large glass walls and wooden structure. The architecture design of emerge volume made in such a way to create passive solar energy and control solar gain from photovoltaic cell.

The interior design is also lovely. The floors have spatial experience, rooms like a cave but bright (similar with this modern cave-like house design), because of creative geometrical slices architecture design. But, the most interesting elements are the furniture and details of the interiors. The details such as a car shell from vintage Jaguar that transformed into bookshelves furniture, the kitchen table design that has feet from old public trash can, skateboard decks used as staircase steps, or this; teapots arranged as chandelier. Designed by Denieuwegeneratie Architecten. Photo by John Lewis Marshall and Jaap Vliegenthart.


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