Modern Gabled Roof House Design on Sloping Land

modern gabled roof house design idea
sloping land house architecture inspiration design

Build a house on sloping land is challenging, another challenging aspect is the government regulation. This house has both challenging aspects, sloping land and based on regulation, the construction of family house has to be gabled roof to create architectural character of the neighborhood. If you have same challenging aspects as mentioned, check out this modern gabled roof house design. Hope you will be inspired and ready to build your dream home.

street access second floor house construction
simple garden backyard family house design
swimming pool garden outdoor house design
floating building structure as roof shade idea

Because of the sloping land condition, second floor of this gabled roof house become the entrance. After the vestibule, there are staircase to first floor and corridor. The corridor is a link to bedrooms, bathroom, and storage area. First floor that has direct connect with garden and swimming pool at outdoor consist of large space contain living-dining-kitchen area, bathroom, bedroom, utility room, and wardrobe.

raw exposed bricks house exterior design
minimalist style bathroom interior idea
sleek clean bathroom interior inspiration
simple staircase with plant ornament interior
corridor access to rooms house interior

Take away idea of this modern gabled roof house design construction, such as:

1. Living-dining-kitchen has flat roof, so there is outdoor space for garden or and parking area at street level.

2. Part of building structure of second floor at the back float, and it becomes outdoor roof for whirlpool and seating. So there is no pergola added

sleek modern bedroom interrior idea
stylish bathroom interior decoration
stylish bathtub interior design
kitchen-dining modern stylish interior
large open-plan living area interior
sleek clean interior family space house design

The interior design of this modern gabled roof house, such as bathrooms interior, and others also inspiring. Has minimalist style with modern furnishing, inside the house really cool. Last, exposed bricks exterior of firt floor, and simple garden make this house perfect. Designed by Rosa architekt.

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