Modern Flat Interior Design with Playing Colors of Elements as Unique Accent

playing colors of elements minimal flat interior design

Want to get really minimal interior design because the tiny spaces of your apartment, but still look stylish? This modern flat interior design has interesting idea to combine the minimal and stylish characteristic. White become primary color of this apartment interior. Using primary colors really tricky, because at one side the interior spaces look spacious, clean and simple, but in other side it is really boring. You have to add decorating elements and accessories. The problem rise when you only have tiny spaces. Decorating furniture, appliances, etc in tiny spaces make the flat spaces feel stifled.

This modern flat interior design succeeds to deal with that problem. The solution was giving colors to existing and built-in parts of the house like the drain pipes, built-in storage display, certain walls, doors etc. The result is awesome. The existing parts of the house that can not be removed or covered, such as the drain pipes changed into attractive décor element for this modern renovated apartment because of the playing colors. Now this small apartment really stunning, refreshing and of course has minimal and stylish atmosphere. The new atmosphere brings modern living of this old apartment. Another idea to steal in this modern flat is the storage solutions, placed in small one bedroom. Custom built storage can hide the dweller goods, so entire space look clean and spacious. Designed by TheHubDesign. Photo by Lindsay Watson.


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