Modern Farm House Singular Gesture Raw Materials Ideas

Formed as singular gesture long house, this modern house design is focusing on raw materials. With open plan architecture we can enjoy dramatic view, a grassy terrace overlooking a river and facing a spectacular valley. At the back, concrete wall wraps the bedroom space and services zone, while the open layout provided by the sheltering canopy steel framed roof and glazed walls, which contain the living spaces. Detailing raw materials as a unique accent of this house, both outdoors and indoors. The materials are concrete, galvanized steel, sandstone and plywood add texture and warmth to the interior. Designed by Richard cole architecture.

modern farm house minimalist open plan architecture

modern galvanized steel sandstone accent living house design

modern farm house cheerful living spaces palette ideas

cherrful colorful grassy terrace farm housed design ideas

cheerful palette colors modern farm house design

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