Modern Duplex Apartment Camouflaged Interior Design

modern duplex apartment interior design

This modern duplex apartment interior design is really awesome. The clear-lines and sleek appearance camouflage sophisticated features and detailing elements of this loft apartment. This modern apartment created from adjacent two units loft with different height and space of an old monastery that converted into a residential complex. One of the united units has gabled roof ceiling in different direction. The different ceilings create unique spatial layout.

From the unification, spacious space created. The larger loft units with flat ceiling divided into two zones by an enclosed box wall in line with original walls of smaller apartment unit. First zone are bedroom and two bathroom and small entrance. Second zone is room that united with smaller loft space that create a length and spacious room for living area, dining area, and kitchen. The length space also has master bedroom that connects with corner bedroom separated a lacquered block.

The smaller apartment unit has attic mezzanine under pitched roof ceiling, used for work and studio works area and also contain server for home automation system, so this modern duplex apartment has high-end home technology to create comfort living zone. Below the attic loft mezzanine is library next to kitchen area. There is projector placed between the different heights of ceiling. The video-projection system is using kitchen wall as projection surface. To create maximum projection surface, the upper kitchen cabinets are hidden behind the wall and slide down with a motorized system. Other detailing elements are unique stair, layered wall cladding as thermal insulation, radiant panels, acoustic insulation layer, and built-up furniture to enhanced Corian ® elements. This modern duplex apartment interior designed by Jacopo Mascheroni (JM Architecture).


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