Modern Concrete House with Spectacular Natural Landscape

open-plan modern concrete house nature landscape design

Modern concrete house built on perfect spot between two ridges of rock with spectacular natural landscape in Canada. The design concept of this modern concrete house is give calm and elegant modern living spaces and taking advantage of spectacular views while preserving the natural topography. The concrete structure combine with supporting elements for both interior and exterior such as stone and wood, and whiteness wall. The combination of materials and elegant design bring soothing atmosphere entire house.

minimalist living-dining-kitchen interior concrete house
simple stylish kitchen design modern concrete house
living room layout furniture modern concrete house
glass-openings modern concrete house captured  panorama

This modern concrete house has minimalist interior concept. The glazing openings capture spectacular landscape in the living-kitchen-dining and bedrooms. There is center sheltered terrace for outdoor BBQ. Interesting idea is the main bedroom that united with bathroom. Because of its higher floor level, the bathtub seems placed right on bed headboard. Another interesting elements in this modern concrete house is the furniture and detailed exterior elements. Designed by TACT Architecture.

forest landscape modern concrete house photos
unique modern concrete house-plan central terrace
bathtub inside bedroom interior design idea
separate-level bedroom bath area house interior
modern minimalist bedroom interior design photos
simple ordered sink bathroom furniture design
bathroom drawer furniture interior design
minimalist bedroom interior modern concrete house
hallway area modern concrete house natural landscape


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