Modern Compound Lake Home Design Ideas

This is like a small housing complex. Situated at lake, this modern house designed like northwest style house in clean bright architectural aspect. The wall structures made from shingles and white-painted wood. It adopt local gabled vernacular. This modern lake house construction also involves glass for huge aperture. And also painted pine board walls, exposed structural trusses, gray-painted pine floors, and driftwood-clad storage elements that subdivide the interiors. As a compound home, this home contains modern main house, three modern guest houses, beautiful modern swimming pool, and a barn. The lap pool faces the lake, so it’s creating stunning backyard landscape view. An aggregate of smaller, informal living spaces carefully composed to disguise the bulk of the building and create a variety of views and experiences, each structure centers on a great room open to the northern water views and the southern sun and breezes. Designed by Murdock Young architects.

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  1. says

    A beautiful place,you feel that you are a princess living in the paradise.Perfectly for a quite and simple life that you wish for and live happily ever after with your loving family.

  2. Lori Jencks says

    I would love to see plans for this house and its attendant guest houses. Are they available for viewing?

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