Modern Coastal Garden Landscape Environmentally Sensible Redesign Idea

This coastal garden landscape redesign to create better exterior visual, appropriate with its striking awesome modern house. Environmentally sensible concept applied, the new landscape garden use salvaged materials form the house construction, like redwood, stone, translucent glass, cement pavers, existing plants that tagged and replanting cased on new landscape site plan, etc. Tropical plant such as palms, flax, and papyrus planted, accompany the redwood and glass panels’ exterior structure insertion, that create series of distinctive garden spaces, defining exterior outdoor spaces that ended with expansive views of the ocean. Salvaged materials like cement pavers become nice parking zone and staggered garden path with right angels. A wooden deck creates a horizontal platform which is punctured by a pool framed with a monolithic stone coping. Designed by Keith LeBlanc Landscape Architecture.

modern coastal garden cement pavers permeable parkingzone

staggered garden path tropical landscape remodeling

redwood translucent structure tropical garden elemental

contemplative private garden outdoor house design

recycled concrete-pavers courtyard garden environmentally sensible

linear massing sea-statice flax outdoor-garden design

beach front landscape design coastal house exterior

dramatic green-roof deck garden coast expansive views

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