Modern Bungalow Design in Cubic Volume Visual Effect

hovering perspective modern bungalow design idea

Cubic volume house design built on middle of terrain with different height. A simple architecture approach chosen to build house in the middle of woods landscape. what is special about the design of this modern bungalow house style? The exterior and interior layouts create wonderful visual effect. Every corner of this house has own perspective. The cubic stiffness becomes melted with creative layout.

From the carport view, the modern bungalow house look appears to be hovering. From the two side patio, the bungalow has transparent look. And the back of the bungalow, the horizontal windows reflect the calm of forest landscape and private living space. The two side of patio and transparent full glass spacious living-kitchen-dining interior construct to enjoy the stunning natural environment surrounding. The transparent structure applied to minimize the boundary between inside and outside.

Ash-gray exterior color is contrasting with the whiteness interior design. Raw polished concrete floors and white walls create warm interior design. Other interesting elements, all the furniture are specially made for the house. Kitchen cabinets, storage room, fireplace and TV are integrated into the walls. Architects: 123DV – Architecture & Consult BV, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photos: Christiaan de Bruijne, Koog aan de Zaa, Netherlands.


  1. Susan says

    The house is beautiful would you be able to post a floor plan? Please
    Thank you

  2. Lorna Beatty says

    I love this design and wonder if I could see the floor plan.


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