Modern Box House Design in Sense of Space Architecture

modern box house design sense-of-space architectural

Sense of space becomes important concept especially when built cubic/box house structure like nowadays popular home design. This modern box house design carefully planned on how sense of space materialized. So the dwellers do not feel boxed up inside the house.

The terrain is peculiar, a sloping area make the project was challenging. The result is beyond the imagination. A spacious spaces interior has unique connectivity with the outside area. The different heights of terrain bring the leveling volume platform both outdoor and indoor. What I like is the backyard garden and outdoor terrace (look at the image above) . The simple design and certain rawness (untouched spots) of garden that impress a nature. A peacefully mind and soul atmosphere. The nice accessories, unique table and seating furniture become transition object between the house and surrounding.

Both exterior and interior keep in whiteness theme. Another interesting space is the children play area at second floor. The play area has two parts, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor play area translated as outdoor terrace with high walls. So, where is the swimming pool? The swimming pool is behind the delightful rear garden area. Overall, this modern box house design give new perspective of cubic architectural design. ABATON.

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