Modern Boutique Interior Creative Three House-like Structures

This modern boutique store interior has petite spaces, approximately 32 M2, even so its look spacious. The architects had creative idea to create cozy and spacious atmosphere derived from Scandinavian landscape imaginary concept. Long gabled house-like structure inserted, cut into pieces and become three house-like structures. Each of house-like structure creatively become unique space element and separates the function zone. The center house-like structure slightly shifted, so the complementary spaces formed; a cash desk, a fitting room and storage space. The house-like structures of this modern boutique interior made from plywood walls formed angled roofs with window-like cut-outs. As a differentiator between three interior spaces of this modern boutique interior red color applied at the cutting form. The three house-like volume painted with white color both walls and ceiling to mimic original Scandinavian house. But certain area has been left untreated to emphasize snow white of this modern boutique interior clothes store. Each of these three house-like modern boutique interior structure has same simple furnishing like rails, ledges and lamps. Designed by Mateusz Adamczyk of BUDCUD and Marcin Kwietowicz for FiuFiu. Photos by Jan Smaga.

Modern Boutique Shop Interior Design Image Gallery:


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