Modern Beach Apartment for Holiday Season

modern beach apartment stylish kitchen interior decor

Where do you go for holidays? Beach is always amazing spot for family to spend holidays (in summer). Especially when you have own house or apartment that close to the beach. If you are looking for inspiration for beach apartment interior or styling your beach apartment, this stylish and modern beach apartment interior arrangement and its decoration can be source of idea.

This apartment loft occupies the top floor sail building that has simplest gabled roof form: tent-like roof that also has a holiday image. This building is an historic building. So the vintage elements could be retained for interior décor purpose. Because the holiday is time to spend and create each family ember more close, the social zone such as living room has to be large. To accommodate very large living room, the bedrooms and bathrooms are made small.

The whole interior arrangements mimic the situation in real inside ship. Including the innovative bunk-room for children that consist six bunk bedding area. The bunk room mimic the ship’s cabins and also make space efficient. The interior walls from stones have white polished colors while furniture and fixture made in various colors and wooden materials. Certain ceiling like in the kitchen has wood ceiling in wave pattern. The kitchen interior also has wood ceiling. A wave splash back made in metal for wall decoration give the sea atmosphere. A large window bay also created for perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beach view. Overall, this modern beach apartment has simple but detailing interior organization that suitable for holidays. Designed by Ash Sakula Architects.


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