Modern Apartment Interior Renovation with Tunnel Structure Idea

inserted tunnel structure modern apartment interior

Stunning result of apartment interior renovation! Previously spacious apartment with awkward interior layout, this modern apartment interior has unconventional interior layout that supported by cool inserted structure. Two tunnels structure made from reclaimed commercial steel doors. Because of those tunnels, interior circularity of this modern apartment interior becomes smooth and more comfortable. Not only have that, this apartment interior renovation also maximizes every inch of useless area for storage.

cafe style dining innovative modern apartment interior
red glossy unique apartment interior elements
tunnel corridor interior circularity apartment plan
maximize space laundry closet apartment interior

The two tunnels of this modern apartment interior disguise central staircase, and made contrast with other room area with glossy red colors bring natural light during the day and really sophisticated at night. First tunnel is corridor that connects master bedroom to living-kitchen area. From that tunnel corridor there are area hidden: master bathroom, powder room, closet, and laundry storage, also entrance door. Second tunnel is wider and become unique dining area. There is customized dining table and seating furniture inspired by café furniture style. Almost every new inserted structure and customized furniture in this modern apartment interior made from recycled materials. Designed by LOT-EK.

powder room tunnel structure apartment interior
living kitchen modern stylish apartment design
master bedroom modern apartment interior
modern apartment interior renovation plan layout

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