Modern Apartment Interior Design Visually Clean Spaces Concept

This modern apartment interior design has luxury atmosphere but in-lines with minimalist and clean concept and home technology features. Futuristic theme added, with glossy surfaces on walls, floor, and also ceiling. The luxury atmosphere of this minimalist modern apartment interior design collaborate with latest digital home technology create a stunning space of living and become private sanctuary to avoid the noise of the city. The materials of this futuristic modern apartment interior include polished white quartz floors, high-gloss walls, and lacquered columns. All glossy look materials details in white base colors make visually clean spaces. This modern apartment interior floor plan divides the public area and private area. The private area and services area placed toward the building core. The public area/living area placed at the perimeter and window walls of apartment volume. So the living area has open plan concept to enjoy the city views. Numbers of television placed inside the columns, and can emerge with the use of a remote control. Certain furniture like wardrobe and cabinet in the kitchen has bright colorful colors, give cheerful impression. Designed by Turett Architects.

modern apartment interior photos gallery:

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