Modern Apartment Interior Design Creative Multifunction Honeycomb-like Décor

Fresh idea of minimalist and modern apartment interior design with creative elemental accent of decorating. The creative accent décor just like the honeycomb, hexagonal pattern that visually unify the ceiling, multifunction built-in cupboard cabinet, and walls. The honeycomb-like hexagonal design elements have three function; as shelves (both at cabinet and walls) , as lighting (both at cabinet and walls) and masks. The large space of this modern apartment interior plan divided into two functional zones by placed built-in box of cupboard at the center of space. The black box of cupboard separates the living room and kitchen. The apartment interior surfaces have glossy look and a combination between white bright and black colors with green accents. Certain wall also has innovative and attractive ornament; a patterned built-in pictures. The result is fresh and atmosphere professional apartment interior to create comfortable living for a business school student girl.

Designer: EXE Studio Design

Size: 69 m2

Year: 2010

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